Monday, March 4, 2013

The Hospital Timeline (For Now)

Just wanted to let everyone know the answers to some of the questions regarding Sam's trip to hospital:

Gran Watson arrives in Longreach on Friday the 15th March

Sam has his last dose of Warfarin on Saturday the 16th March.

Sam and I leave Longreach on a late afternoon flight on 17th March. Don and Jack remain in Longreach and continue to attend work and school. Gran Watson will be helping love and look after my family in my absence, God love her.

Sam is admitted to The Mater Children's Hospital on Monday the 18th of March and put on a Heparin drip.

Wednesday the 20th of March is when Sam has the diagnostic cardiac catheter.  This involves Sam being anaesthetised, and having a thin flexible tube threaded up through an artery in his groin to measure the pressures in his heart. In addition to this he may also have a stent put in his PA (Pulmonary Artery) to prepare and provide the best possible outcome for the Fontan Surgery.  Most of all this catheter tells us whether Sam is in fact a candidate for the Fontan. you can read more about the Catheter here.

All going well, Sam's warfarin will be re-started following this procedure and he will be released the next day.

On Friday 22nd March is is likely that Sam's cardiologist will review Sam's catheter results and then give us the news.  If Sam is a candidate for the Fontan we will then be given a date for surgery over the coming days.  If not then it means that nothing can be done for Sam's heart for now and we will have to wait until Sam's heart goes into failure before he is placed on a transplant waiting list.

As you can see we don't know when Sam's surgery will be.  We believe that a way will be made for him, because we believe the promises that God has given us.  However we don't know what that way looks like or how it will all come to be. 

When Sam does in fact have his Fontan operation, Don and Jack will be driving down to Brisbane to be there with us. 

In between when Sam has the catheter and the Fontan surgery, he and I will be staying on the Sunshine Coast with Granny and Grandad Bedford.  If the time is much more than a few weeks, I will likely return home with Sam and make the trip to Brisbane again at a later date.  We are praying for Sam's best interests and our own sanity that the surgery will go ahead while we are still on the coast.

I hope that this all makes sense.  Please ask any questions you may have and I am happy to answer them. Thank you for your love.


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Ally said...

Hi Nicole! We are arriving in Brisbane on the 8th April. Maybe we will be able to meet each other. Totally understand though that you will have alot on your plate & may not be up to it, so will just see.
Praying for you & Sam as you embark on the next part of this journey.

Nicole Watson said...

Hi Ally! Wow, it would be amazing to meet you. We will make a way. Stay in touch and I will get my number to you somehow. Thank you for your prayers. x

The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

How hard...for all of you. I have a new perspective on hospitals now...not so fun. But, you guys are strong!

Nicole Watson said...

Hi Kendra, Wow, you have been following our story for years now and just knowing that overcomers like you are on the journey with us is a comfort.

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