Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day Two

Sam had a relatively good day. We have done our best to keep him busy with his two arms bandaged.  His bloods are still not right and we are still drawing blood every four hours from the same blessed cannula.  It's a miracle it's still open, please pray it remains so. They have increased his heparin again and 11pm tonight is the next time blood needs to be taken.

We met Dr Justo and Dr Anderson today both of which are going to be doing Sam's catheter tomorrow. All of the paperwork is done and he is fourth on the list for tomorrow which is looking like early afternoon tomorrow. I have great peace after talking with his doctors and I am trusting that with their skills and God's wisdom all will be well.

Today I met a wonderful friend from Facebook.  Merryl also has a heartkid, except that her 'little' girl is now married and is only a few years younger than me. It was so wonderful to meet her lay eyes upon a great woman whom I felt like I knew already.  She even brought me some flowers (insert sniffle here) and a great little book for Sam to keep him busy.

Ian and Vi Deed also came to visit and it did my heart good to see friends tonight. It just means so much that so many people have gone out of their way to show love and kindness to us here in this place.  It's like God has sent an army of love angels to wrap their arms around us at every turn, the good and the bad.
Sam listened to his 'warrior' music tonight as he drifted off to sleep.  His arms are still hurting at times and we try to distract him and give him paracetamol to take the edge off. The amount of Heparin he is receiving is quite high now, it seems he needs more than normal. I pray that he has a good nights sleep tonight and that I do too, so we can get through what we need to tomorrow.

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Still praying!

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