Monday, April 1, 2013

One Week-Post Fontan

We have had a really relaxed day at hospital today. Can you believe this little boy only had open heart surgery a week ago today?  Look at him! Praise God with me.

Sam has been wanting to get up and walk around everywhere.  His pain seems to be under control and he is back to being his happy little self most of the time, despite the ugly drains hanging from his chest. 

Today Don, Sam and I had breakfast together in the family room, and played in the playroom, he is even getting up and down every time to go to the toilet, no more bed pans for this little black duck.

Unfortunately the cannula that was put in yesterday had to be removed today as it would not flush. So he is now cannula free, which is good because his arms are free and bad because if he needs it later they will have to put another one it. 

He does not need blood tests today because everything is within range and his bowels seemed to have settled down a lot now they have changed to Osmolax.  The drains are slowing gradually and at this point, we are only waiting for those drains to dwindle down to very little, before they will be removed and we can go home.

He also does not need his oxygen anymore, which means Sam can move around freely and he is doing just that. His is still saturating 97% on room air.  We are now trying to keep up to him at times.  He thinks that is just hilarious. 

We are still in close obs and just waiting for a bed in the general ward. Please pray that happens soon.  At the moment I put Sam to sleep wearing his headphones, so that most of the noise is dulled.

Please continue to pray that any post operative infection is avoided and that Sam will continue to surge on in his recovery.  In the last few days we have noticed a marked increase in his appetite  and his colour is amazing. 

Sam's steady recovery is due to his fighting spirit, caring loving family and friends, vigilant and compassionate hospital staff and an amazingly faithful God.

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Wonderful news!

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