Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 10-Post Fontan

Waiting, waiting, waiting for the drains to slow.
Today one of the two remaining drains was removed from the left pleural area, along with more blood work and the removal of many little adhesives that Sam will not let us normally remove.  This meant more Medazolam, this time I asked for it orally, and it was topped up half way through the procedures as it began to wear off.  Medaz does not make you sleep, but makes you feel disorientated and is meant to have an amnesiac effect, so that the patient does not remember as much.  This time I asked for the Medaz to be given orally in his bed, and then when it began to take affect, I carried him to the treatment room.  Sam still cries and screams through the procedures but seems to settle quickly afterwards.  He also was awake all afternoon, when usually Medaz makes him sleep all afternoon.

Sam is very pale and tired after his drain removal, but otherwise well.

Sam also had a chest x-ray this afternoon to ensure that the drain removal went well.  His blood work also came back all in order.

So what this means is that now we are essentially waiting for the last drain to slow down so it can be removed as well.  Ideally we would love to go home on the weekend, but we know we have been blessed with Sam's recovery and just want to keep everything going smoothly in the right direction.  If that means that we spend more time in hospital, then so be it.

Below are just some of the beautiful cards and messages Sam has received, we are running out of wall space to display them. Thank you :)

In the meantime we make the most of our days talking with and helping others who are having a rough time, because we know what it is like.  And we have experienced that same love and care from others who have walked this road before us.


Anonymous said...

I wish someone had offered me that drug! I remember tooo much. So glad he will forget most of it!

Maureen Blokland said...

This is just Fantastic news Nicole. Love to Sam & if your still at hosp. could we visit today??
It has been a long & sometimes Very hard road but you are close to the end...The rewards are Great. Pink toes & fingers & one Very energetic young Sam!!! Love & Blessings,

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