Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 13-Post Fontan

And yes I did miss a day on the blog.

Yesterday we waited with bated breath to see Sam's drainage decrease, only to see it increase.  Which does not mean a whole lot except that we are still going to be here more days.  Every 24 hours we watch to see the fluid from his right pleural cavity be less, and in the last 24 hours we have watched our chance of getting out of hospital vanish before our eyes.

One word, frustration.

Sam medication has decreased much over the last week also.  He is now only on Enalapril, Aspirin, Lasix, Spironolactone, and Paracetamol.  In essence he is back to himself in most ways despite the fact that he still has a drainage tube hanging from his midsection. Each day it is in brings a chance of complications and infection and with him moving about a very real chance it could come lose and pull out like we have seen on other children on the ward.

To break up a very long day yesterday we had a visit from a friends that we have not seen in many years.
Maureen and Clair came to visit yesterday. We really needed their smiling faces yesterday afternoon.

We really need a break through in relation to this drain.  Sam's recovery to date has been excellent and I don't want to see anything jeopardise that. 
We miss the sun on our skin and the fresh air.  It will be two weeks tomorrow since Sam's surgery.  I could understand being here if there were concerns with his health.  But since it is this little drain that is keeping us here I am asking that you pray with me for it to dry up today.  Dry up, and come out tomorrow so we can go back to being a 'normal' family for a while.  That we can spend some fun time together, that Sam may get on with his recovery outside of the hospital.  That we can eat something other than takeaway.  That maybe Don and I can have some much needed moments together also. 


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