Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 15-Post Fontan- Victory!

Yesterday we had to make a decision regarding our stay at Ronald McDonald house, as our time booked there had come to an end.  In faith we booked a night at a motel and in the morning Don and Jack packed up the car. We had hope in our hearts that today would be the day we left hospital, especially after seeing God move so mightily on our behalf yesterday.

As the doctors did their rounds they were guarded and suggested that we should spend a little longer in hospital, but if the x-ray was good and there was minimal fluid retained in his right pleural cavity, Sam may come back to accommodation. At 11am we finally were sent down to x-ray. We went knowing that God had it all in hand, no matter the outcome. Half and hour later the head nurse came to see us to tell us that she was sending us out. Sam's x-ray was completely clear!  In fact they needed our bed space and were very happy for us to be discharged!

Do you remember when Sam's drains continued to drain and I felt moved that they should review it?  They did that without me even getting to ask and now this -a total lack of any fluid build up in 24 hours after they rmoved the drain.  Sam has left hospital on Aspirin, Enalapril and Lasix for the time being. The first two medications are long term,  with the Lasix to be eventually stopped. Sam will go back to the hospital on Thursday for a follow up x-ray and then we will be free to go home.

We also had visitors as we were checking out today. A beautiful family whose lives have been touched by HLHS, and they are all the way from Denmark.  During our hospital stay I have been blessed by meeting in person, two amazing friends from Facebook whom we had never met before.  Thank you for taking the time to visit Ally and Tom, even with your jet lag. To look upon your faces after following your journey was so special to me. Bless your beautiful family.

So here we are tonight all together, in a beautiful motel, enjoying relaxing and being a family again.  We spent the afternoon sleeping in our comfy beds and snuggling up together. It feels like a dream to me, a dream that I never want to wake up from.  To know that we are on the 'other side' of the Fontan surgery, will take some time to sink in I believe. But I can tell you that already we are seeing the improvements in Sam's well being. His hands and feet are warm and pink, and tonight I watched him eat and entire bowl of Spaghetti Napoletana.  An entire bowl! With every slurpy mouthful I sent God thanks for the joy that it brings me to see him enjoy food.

Thank you God for this day of victory.


Maureen Blokland said...

Hallelujah!!! Great to hear of family cuddles in one bed in one room. I can feel the joy..like when our kids were littles. All in the bed was so much fun.
Praise God for everything that has transpired in the last 3+ weeks.

Anonymous said...

Tears of joy for you all...quite literally..

Gloria said...

Oh how marvellous is our God. What wonderful answer to prayer.
This makes us so glad and we a are just friends. I can't begin to imagine how you must feel. Joy ,joy, joy, unspeakable joy. Praise the Lord Jesus our Saviour, Redeemer, Healer, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.<3

Anonymous said...

Hi don Nicole,jack and Sam , I was sad to have missed you at the hospital Tuesday by just one hour but jubilant that our prayers had been answered. Yes God has shown his mighty hand to see you through this trial. Sam looks so great. Such joy to see his beautiful smiling face and the joy on all your faces. We pray tomorrow sees you heading home. Maybe God will see fit to have our paths cross again in the not too distant future. Love and blessings Kellie Kinnear

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