Thursday, April 11, 2013

Given the All Clear

We presented for Sam's x-ray this morning at 9am and were taken straight in to have it.  Five minutes later we were back in the ward to get the results and because the doctors were on their rounds we saw them right at that moment.  The x-ray was great with no complications.  Sam has the suture removed from his final drain wound and we were on our way.  Good-bye Mater Hospital! Dr Anderson one of Sam's doctors is just amazed at his recovery.

'He is just remarkable isn't he?', he grinned as Sam smiled and laughed and ran down the hall to see him.  I think what really stumps everyone the most is just the abundance of Sam's joy and his complete inability to hold a grudge even five minutes after they have to hurt him in some way.

We are now at the Sunshine Coast with my family, spending quality time with Granny and Grandad for a week or so before we head back to Longreach. Sam will have an x-ray back in Longreach in a fortnight's time and then we will not need to head back to Brisbane for review until the 28th June.

In the next week, I need to come to term with fact that we are on the other side of this surgery that Sam loves to eat, and what our life will look like now that this weight has been lifted. It has not yet been three weeks since his surgery and I still can't wipe the smile from my face.

To say that we have felt so loved by you all would be a complete understatement.  We have received words of love, cards and gifts from the world over.  It is going to take me a year to thank you all personally but I have kept all of the envelopes with return addresses to do just that.

I think Sam summed it up all quite well in his prayers last night.

'Fank you Desus, for making me better. Fank you for my family and my good fwiends. I wove you.'


Bill & Gloria said...

What wonderful news. Not at all surprised that the Doctors are amazed at Sam's quick recovery and also his beautiful outlook on life. he knows his God and his God knows him. It is and has always been from our time of knowing him, just who Sam is, pure joy. I can't tell you how good it feels to see those beautiful pictures. Have a wonderful rest and may God bless you all big time. <3 Love, love, love.

Anonymous said...

That is just AWESOME!!! Praise the Lord. Hope you all have a great time of rest and relaxation at the coast. God has big plans for Sam. God Bless You All. Love the Laws

Suzanne said...

How wonderful! We do indeed have a great God who is the Master Healer :)

Anonymous said...

Truly awesome!

Maureen Blokland said...

Praise Praise Praise Him!!!
Gloria said it all....and we KNOW Why Sam's recovery is so amazing & startled his Dr's.:) :) :)
Heavenly Father, Please continue to have your Glory Shine through this family....You have & continue to be Glorified through them, In Jesus Name, Amen.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! I am so glad that Sam is ok, we all miss his smilling face and loud greetings here at Kindy! Hopeful that he will rejoin us soon! From Miss Lee :)

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