Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day Eight -Post Fontan

Today has seen remarkable improvement for Sam in his mobility and we have seen him become himself again in many ways.  He has been walking all around the ward visiting the playroom, the fish, the vending machine and many of the other little patients.  Sam has even been delivering presents to other kids who are having rough days. 

Today there were many kids in the playroom so we requested a visit from the Captain Starlight team and they brought so much joy to the kids on the ward.  They played games, painted faces, and generally had a great time joking around.
 This lady always pulls faces in photos.  Sam was face painted like a dinosaur so she was growling here.

At lunch time Sam had to have more blood drawn and Miranda the occupational therapist whom we have been working with, came beforehand to play out having a blood test with her little puppet Sam.  The blood test is still a very hard time for Sam but we have noticed an improvement in his pain and mood afterward when there is a game to look forward to. 

We also saw Kaden today one of Sam's heart friends who came to visit with his mum Leanne.  It has been years since we have seen them.  It was really good to see some familiar faces and see how well Kaden looks after his own Fontan journey.

Sam is no longer being continually monitored and today he stopped his MS Contin for pain, meaning that he remains only on paracetamol.  If he requires further pain relief Oxycodone is available at request.

The two drains remain but are slowing day by day.  And the physio team are only visiting once every couple of days now to check in with us, which means they are very pleased with his level of mobility.

To be at this point of recovery so soon after surgery is like a dream  for us and we know that there is more than human hands at work to make it so.

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Maureen Blokland said...

Always great to read of the developments in 'Sam'a Heart', though it is even better when you give an 'all-glowing' report like today. Glad also that Sam hasn't had any more bowel spasms either.
Knowing God has played such an important part in all these procedures, answering many prayers is nothing short of Inspiring!!
Thank you Nicole, hope to visit soon if that suits you guys.

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