Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day Nine-Post Fontan

Today was a pain free day for Sam the first in quite a while.  We were spared blood tests and an echo was our only intervention besides all of the medications and obs.

Walks all over the ward, feeding the fish, having visitors and  receiving unexpected gifts.
Feeding Ruby, the Siamese fighting fish.
These quilts are made and donated by a very special lady to Heartkids for children like Sam. We chose this one with lions on it, to remind Sam of his courage and for Jesus who looks after Him.
This dinosaur balloon was sent today by our friends Demi and Piper in Longreach and made Sam smile no end.
Sam keeps asking to go back to the motel, and knows we are just waiting for his drains to slow down and be removed. He had a big talk with one of his doctors during the echo asking about the valves in his heart and he describes them as doors that let the blood in and then out another door. The doctors are also waiting for Sam's weight to return to his admission weight (making sure that fluid levels are normal), but since his appetite has returned we have found he is eating twice the amount he would usually eat and so I doubt that that goal will be reached. 

Everyone who walks into Sam's hospital space remarks at how wonderful it is thanks to all of your beautiful cards and messages.  His walls are overflowing with colour and messages of love and encouragement.  You kindness has made our little corner of the hospital a bright and cheerful place to live, where other patients, nurses and doctors also like to visit.  And because we have received so many amazing gifts Sam has also been bringing cheer to other kids who have nothing to brighten their bedside.

It still has not sunk in that we are on this side of the Fontan surgery. I think at this stage Don and I are living on adrenalin.  All I know is that my heart is overflowing with a gratitude that will never end.  I can see a light an the end of this tunnel and it is beckoning and bright.  That light is our future and all that we have to look forward to.  So with each new day we step forward, trusting an believing that God has it all in hand.


AJ said...

We have been following your journey for a while now and are often encouraged by the grace, courage and strength you and your family show in the light of God's love. We will continue to pray for you, Sam and your family and know your future is certainly going to be a bright one. The smile on Sam's face alone will ensure that!

The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

He looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Your journey has been long, filled with lots off joy and trials. Good has been faithful to you and you have been faithful to him. Sam is a real testament to or great God! The Laws

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