Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Time to Celebrate

Today we have rejoiced in a day of relaxation and celebration.  Sam's post surgery dream to visit the museum was fulfilled today with enthusiasm overflowing. We literally had to run to keep up with him at times.  And he has not complained of pain once since leaving the hospital. Today we have enjoyed long walks, taken in the sights, hunted for water dragons, indulged in ice-cream  and once again enjoyed our comfy beds. Sam's first words this morning on waking were, 'I yove deese beds they are so comforble.' There have been no tears today, no pain; only giggles and joy and cuddles both received and given. Truly today has been a celebration of all that is good in life.

Breakfast at our motel was delight to us all this morning. The boys loved being able to choose from such a huge selection.

I will never in my life forget the expression on Sam's face when he saw this dinosuar skeleton, not the roaring noise he made to accompany it. It was priceless after all he has been through.
To fierce dinosaurs!

Off to the hospital once again in the morning for an x-ray the final OK to be able to head home. I have to believe that all is well, after I have seen Sam in great health today.


Maureen Blokland said...

How special! So exciting to see.
This is the most important posting since Sam went into hospital. After all, it IS evidence, a sample of the life Sam will now lead.
God IS so Good & Faithful!
Love hearing of good sleeps,cuddles & fun family stuff.
Again, wishing you Blessings & safe travels back to Longreach.

The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

Truly a celebration. One day I would love to take the kids to the creation meusem!

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