Thursday, April 25, 2013

ANZAC DAY-One month post Fontan

Today we remember the men and women who so valiantly have served and are serving our country in the military, protecting all that we have and hold dear and we are also celebrating that it has been a month to the day since Sam had his Fontan surgery.

We savoured the ANZAC parade in Longreach this morning, our first and last in this outback town.  A town that is proud of it's heritage and the resilience of it's people. The harsh climate and isolation build a strong sense of community.  Today Jack marched with his school in the parade, while the rest of us cheered them on.  Sam cheering the loudest of all, the excitement was intense for him. We could hear the comments of others remarking at his enthusiasm.

 And then we all gathered in Edkins Park for the memorial service, the air filled with a cacophony of Corella's screeching, happy jacks chattering, dogs baking and the road trains on the highway crawling past. Somehow we heard most of the words, prayers, songs and sentiment. It will be a day we remember for a long time to come.

Jack is in the centre, waving with his hand over his face.

And now as the Summer weather has breathed it's last, the vast strong winds of Winter have arrived
today, bringing with it the sense of a change in season. And our season here in Longreach is drawing to a close.  Our house here in Longreach has been re-let, meaning we are now free to move as a family.  At this stage we are looking at leaving Longreach on the 17th May.  We are in the midst of finding a home to rent in Longreach and have many people helping us with that. 

Sam has had his x-ray and we are waiting to hear the results to make sure there are no fluid problems near his lungs from after his surgery.  We are looking forward to stopping the Lasix for him when the doctor's say. Night times are no longer dry for Sam and he finds this quite upsetting. He does not like mess and is a big boy who has not worn nappies for years. Otherwise he is doing very well.  His little hands and feet are warm and pink.  His lips are pink most of the time and he is now walking/running further than he ever has before.

I am so thankful that we live in Australia, where health care is excellent and much is provided for us.  I know that so many have fought and died to make this country what it is today. When I saw Sam waving today and cheering at the parade, it brought tears to my eyes to know that because of the brave ones who have fallen, Sam was given the freedom to live. God bless our service men and women.

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