Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Overcoming Doubt

“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.(Matthew 7:7)

Often when I pray about Sam's healing, it is very quickly followed by a niggling doubt.  That doubt is something like this.

'You can't keep asking God for the same things over and over.  You are like an annoying child who just nags and nags and nags.  Don't think because you keep asking, that it will mean you get anything.  If I were God I would turn my back on you and walk away.  You are so annoying!  He is God, he can say no when he wants to.  So just give up will you!  If he wanted to help you, he would have done it already.'

I wonder if you have ever heard anything similar.  When I hear words like these I know they are not from God, because they do not line up with the Bible.  The are lies to keep me defeated and make me feel unworthy before God.  God will never speak outside of His Word.  He does not lie. The only thing the enemy can do, is lie.  It is his nature to try and drag me down.  If I let myself believe his lies, my faith is eroded, and slowly but surely I would give up hope. 

I am always filled with hope when I read the story of the gentile woman in the book of Matthew.  You can read the story in Chapter 15, verses 21-28.

This woman comes running to Jesus pleading, begging and probably crying for the deliverance of her daughter, who is plagued by evil spirits.  She knows that she is not worthy.  She is not a Jew but she is desperate and has a glimmer of faith burning deep down in her soul.
Jesus hears her and keeps walking.  He says nothing.  The disciples try to turn her away but still she persists.  She has no other hope.
Jesus stops and tells her he has come to help the Jews at this time, not the Gentiles.  He explains that he can not take the food he has been given for the children and feed it to the dogs.  Israel was God's chosen nation, his children.
The woman mustered up all of the courage and faith she had and spoke '...even dogs are allowed to eat the scraps that fall beneath their masters’ table.'

Jesus beams with delight!  He holds her, looks deep into her eyes and tells her that her faith is great!  Her request is granted.' And from that moment on her child is instantly healed.

May we all have the faith of this woman.  We should have more courage, be more bold because we are children of God.  We do not wait beneath the table for the scraps.  God wants to hand us his delights on a silver platter.  He wants to give us his best, because he loves us.  And so now, when I spend time with God and shower love upon him, I ask him boldly for what I need and I tell him my heart's desires and my dreams.  I will no be deterred by worldly doubts and insecurities.  They do not exist in God's Kingdom. 

And as I plead with God and grow in faith, love and hope with him, I long for the day when..

He lifts me to my feet.

Cradles my face in his warm loving hands.

Looks deeply into my eyes, the recesses of my soul.

Smiles with a grin brighter than the midday sun.

And whispers to me,
'I love you my beautiful child. Your faith is great.  Your request is granted'

And Sam will be healed from that very moment.  It will be complete.

And I will dance before God for all the world to see, because he loves me, he hears me and he answers me.

It's just around the bend...


Paula Vince said...

I love the way you share from the heart and address what I'm convinced are feelings many of us often share. I've had similar doubts about persisting in prayer. People have said, "If you think you need to ask something more than once, it shows you doubt and shouldn't expect anything from God."
But you are absolutely right about the scriptural basis of bringing our prayers to God without giving up. And I've been encouraged by the Gentile woman's story too. We are not dogs feeding on scraps but children rightfully expecting our feast.

Anonymous said...

I will never stop asking for what we need. Unless God says to.
I remember reading a book where a woman received a vision from God. God showed her a storeroom in heaven filled with everything you can imagine, she saw, cars, body parts, homes, furniture, and many scrolls. She picked up one of the scrolls and asked the angel with her what this place was. He told her that the room they were in, is where many of the answers to prayer are kept. All of the things she saw were waiting for people to ask for them. He then motioned to the scroll in her hand and said 'the scroll you hold in your hand is the cure to cancer.'
Puts a whole new perspective on things doesn't it? We must pray without ceasing, not only for our own needs but for the needs of others too. God never tires of our requests.
Love Nicole (For some reason I can't log in to leave a comment on my own blog, but I can post)

Paula Vince said...

Wow, I'll have to add that one to my collection of short, powerful stories. Yes, I do keep one. That's brilliant. Thank you, Nicole xoxox

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