Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Family Time Catch Up

Sorry it has been so long, but here is a little catch up for all of our family and interested friends.  Sam is now 2 years and 7 months old.  He is continually astounding us with his attitude and thoughts toward things.  He talks much more than Jack ever did at this age and I love how the boys are both so different.  It seems to
really help them in their play.  Here is a comparison photo of them at the same age.

Jack 2 years 7 months (we were in Melbourne with Sam then)

 Sam today at 2 years 7 months

I also wanted to share with you some of the things they have been up to lately.  Jack loves to dress up, so every day he and Sam have different identities.  It certainly keeps me guessing!  In the last two days we have has explorers, scientists, doctors and campers.

Here is the campfire they made outside.  Unfortunately we couldn't burn it as they made it on the lawn.

Here they are being explorers.  In case you are wondering the Nerf dart sticky taped to the end of Jack's nose is his moustache.  I told you they keep me guessing!

This was school this morning, doing nature collage, and learning about natural and man made environments.
  Jack turns 5 this weekend on Mother's Day.  Yes, I became a mother over Mother's Day back in 2006.  A gift I will not ever forget (in more ways than one).  Children are God's most beautiful blessing and an eternal treasure.  My love for them was burned into my heart the moment I knew they were conceived.  Being a Mum is one of my greatest treasures.

  What do you treasure about being a Mum?

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