Monday, May 9, 2011

A New Take on Footprints

On our recent trip to the coast God has been speaking to me about footprints.  The picture below represents my life before I knew God.  There were many different paths, some long, some short, some went in circles and most had no sure ending.  The footprints were confusing and choices were based on my previous understandings and experiences.  Following that maze of footprints was a game of chance, which always led me away from my true purpose.  And although it seemed fun at the time, I was worn out, tired and just wanted to find the right path; the footsteps that were tried and true.  The ones that would lead me on with certainty.
When I gave my life to God, all of the other footsteps dissolved away like the ebb and tide of the sea had smoothed them away.  One set of solid footsteps remained.  They were tested, true and strong in their conviction.  They were a narrow set of footprints, unlike the maze I was used to following.  They were ordered by the Word of God, my map of sorts, so I know that they are not based soley on my previous expeirences.  They are the footprints of many before me.  The footpints of a loving and merciful God, who did not leave us to meander through the wilderness, but gave us a path and map.  He also gave us the Holy Spirit who helps us to read and understand the map and guide us when the tide threatens to pull us off the path.  I know I am not alone on this path, God is with me, in me, each and every step of the way.
 Our paths may vary in their terrain but the footprints remain the same.  All God asks of us, is to love him and others around us and obey his words.  Each day, one foot after the other is what he is looking for.  My path is not mundane by any account, in fact it is action packed.  There is no boredom and lack of freedom in loving God.  He is the One who made freedom possible. 
You see when I used to follow the footprints in the first photo I had no idea where I was going.  Now I do.  And my path doesn't end with death but life everlasting. 
Which footprints do you follow?  Who made the footprints you follow?  Do you trust them with your life?


Michelle said...

I love knowing that when we step out in faith, God will lead us the rest of the way.

Paula Vince said...

I love the refreshing peace of following that second path, when the first one is such a confusing, tiring jumble.
I received the copy of "Sam's Heart" for our friends and could hardly wait to give it to them.

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Thanks for your words of wisdom Nicole.

I think knowing our true purpose is so important.

I have to say that although I know mine, I still get distracted by the other sets of footprints at times. I need to be reminded to stay true to the one set.


Nicole Watson said...

So wonderful isn't it Michelle. Perfect trust, perfect love :)

Nicole Watson said...

That was one of the most refreshing things for me as well Paula. All of the fog was cleared and the steps were so clear. Glad to hear the book arrived ok. Hope it is a blessing to them :)

Nicole Watson said...

I know what you mean Narelle. The comforting thing for me is knowing the footprints we must follow because the Word of God is firm. However we can choose (and I still do at time) to follow unchartered steps. Thankfully God is merciful and his work in me is yet unfinshed. You are a beautiful treasure, God loves you.:)

Gina said...

Such a wonderful reminder! Thanks!

Nicole Watson said...

Hi Gina,

Thanks for visiting the blog. Bless you :)

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