Monday, May 30, 2011

One Voice Christian Women's Conference

I had the most beautiful and humbling weekend at the conference.  I was blessed by the setting, the beauty and love that was put into the organisation of the event.  I was blessed by the amazing speakers.  I was blessed by the new friends that I made, some of which we specifically placed there by God himself.  I can't possibly tell you all of the things that God spoke to me about over the weekend, but I will process it with Him, and hopefully be able to share some of it soon.

And not only was I blessed by all that God had to give me but I was able to bless others as well.  I was able to speak to many wonderful women; some hurting, others inspired, some searching, others rejoicing along side us.  Sam's Heart went to over 20 new homes.  It amazes me that God provided this opportunity to share our journey with others and I had an absolute ball doing it. 


Anonymous said...

I agree, it was a great conference. Three of us went up from the Darling Downs area, - two young Mums, and a great grandma; - and we had an
awesome time. The speakers were excellent and we had some great music and plenty of comedy!

Anonymous said...

Very true Anon. I will definitley be heading back next year, given the opportunity. Blessings to you :)


Anonymous said...

Try!...What did you hear exactly!

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