Monday, May 16, 2011

A Day of Abundant Love and Renewed Vows

I guess when you read the title to this post you may have thought we had attended a wedding.  Although weddings are very beautiful, what I wish to share with you now is just as beautiful in it's splendor.

Yesterday we had the most amazing church meeting.  As my dear friend Jess and I led the worship, God broke through to our hearts, his glory came and tears flowed thick and fast while we praised his holy name.  Holy Spirit was so beautiful, so close, all I could do was weep and tell him how much  I love him.

Throughout the whole service God was so present that we felt like we were seated in heaven, such a  peace filled the room, our hearts, our minds. 

After the meeting a dear man in our church came to me and hugged me tight.  He had tears in his eyes when he released me.  I have great respect for this man because he has a servants heart and is gentle and kind.  Looking into my eyes, his own welling with tears, his voice came strained and emotion filled,

 "Your little boy is going to be healed.  God spoke and said to me that he is going to heal him and it will begin very soon. It will be gradual, not overnight.  He showed me a graph with a straight line rising smoothly on the graph, there were no bumps.  He will be healed and there will be no more obstacles."

I started to cry, with great joy and relief.  I hugged this man to within an inch of his life.  God shared this with him two weeks ago in our church prayer meeting.    I shared with him how in the last two weeks I have been under the most tremendous attack from the lies of the enemy (read here), and now I understood why.  God was moving and the devil was stepping up the game.  Praise God I held fast. Praise God he gives us the strength to endure.  Praise God that he is healing our little Sam!
I can't tell you how much this Word from God meant to me.  He knew the condition of my heart, and he has told us what he is going to do.  We wait in great anticipation for his words to be fulfilled.  God's vow to heal Sam has been renewed in my heart.  I feel like I have a fresh portion of faith instilled deep within my soul and it is dancing with great excitement. We have entered a new season.

Since Easter we have noticed a huge improvement in Sam's appetite and he is gaining weight which is a great sign.  I wonder what we will see next? 

And while we wait...

I will praise him loud and clear.  Because I can't help it!  Because I will burst out of my skin if I can't share the love that is burning like a roaring fire in my spirit. 

Place me like a seal over your heart,like a seal on your arm.For love is as strong as death,its jealousy as enduring as the grave. Love flashes like fire,the brightest kind of flame. (Song of Solomon 8:6)


Paula Vince said...

Wow, as I read this, I got goosebumps - the good kind! I'm going to love seeing this unfold in the weeks and months ahead. Even though I said I'm among those believing with you for this miracle, confirmation like this is a wonderful thing. Somehow I'd missed your trio posts and they are awesome thoughts too.
God Bless,

Nicole Watson said...

It took every ounce of my courage to write this post. I cannot contain my level of expectation. God will glorify his name, in his time. I may burst with anticipation before then! I now need to pray for his peace :)
Hugs to you Paula xo

Jess said...

Popped in from princess warrior lessons to read your blog. What an amazing encouragement. I am inspired to seek God with the heart you have for him. We too had an amazing time of worship in our community on Sunday night. God is near, He feels very close at the moment. God is always on time, which may not always be when we think it it. I believe without a doubt that he has great things planned for your little boy and that his healing with be a testament to His great love for us all.

Nicole said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog Jess. It is true that God just seems so near at the moment. Praise God for wonderful times of worhip and church community. May God bless you as you seek his face. May he pour our upon you his abundant love and peace. Thank you for beliveing with us for Sams' restoration.

:D Nicole

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