Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today was Jack's first day at the skate park.  I was not there to witness the momentous occasion as I had taken some Mum only time, and left Don and the boys up to their devices.  (truthfully looking at the pictures was enough to make me nervous).
I love that boys (and men) crave adventure.  I love that even though they are afraid they are willing to throw it all on the line and give it a go.  Courage comes in many different forms.  Many times courage is a gift that grows.  I think of Gideon, I think of Joshua, I think of Moses, I think of Simon Peter and all of them have one thing in common-they were fearful in the beginning.  They lacked courage but they trusted God, and when you trust God, he gives you courage that can't be measured by earthly measures. 

All of the courageous men mentioned above stood at the tip of a precipice like Jack below.  They all questioned themselves.
'Can I do this?' 
God says 'No, you can't.  But I can if you trust me.
 They took a leap of faith, trusting in someone bigger than themselves and took the plunge.  It was thrilling, terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time and they watched God keep his promises to them again and again.
They fell down, made mistakes and disappointed God, but he forgave them and restored them, putting them back on their feet.

 And through the turmoil and the pain, they found renewed strength and greater courage because they found they could trust the One that held them in the palm of His hand.
And those around them watched and prasied God for his faithfulness. They learned through the good times and the bad that he would never leave them.  That they could trust in God to give them all they need, even courage.
This afternoon Jack and Sam watched 'The Miracles of Jesus' on DVD.  As Jesus healed the man with leprosy, Jack was filled with excitement and courageously yelled out 'See Sam, I told you Jesus can fix your heart!'  He hugged Sam on the arm and Sam said 'Hmm mm' nodding his head in agreement.  They smiled at each other and then went back to watching the movie. 

God increase my faith, increase my measure of courage and hold me firmly in your grasp.  Forgive me when I jump out of your hand and try and do it my own way.  Thank you that you are faithful to always pick me up and restore me.  I pray that your name is praised for my obedience.  I love you Father.


Paula Vince said...

How great that they had the skate park all to themselves. One of the advantages of a homeschooling day, I believe. The love and faith of your boys is awesome!!! Good for them.

Nicole Watson said...

Yes I have always been reluctant to go to the skate park when all of the other kids are there, especially since Jack is just learning. It is also good for Sam to just be able to walk around without fear of collision.


Julie said...

That last story about your boys watching "The miracles of Jesus" bought tears to my eyes. I love the simple faith of our kids!

Nicole Watson said...

Simple and honest faith is beautiful isn't it Julie. Bless you for your words of encouragement :)

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