Monday, May 23, 2011

Come Follow Me

When you spend all day with your children, you begin to realise that they think very differently to the way adults do.  Their thoughts are simple and at the same time complex.  I am often set back on my heels by their questions or logic.  I just thought I would share today's wisdom from God, through the mouth of my 5 year old son.

We had a house inspection today (another one) and as we cleaned the house, and then packed the boys into the car, we talked about how we are selling our house.  None of this is new to them, it has been on the market since November last year.  We explained that we weren't shutting the gate, because a lady was coming to look through our home, and if she likes it, she might buy it.  We headed down to the coffee shop to wait, as it was pouring down rain outside.  After a lively tea break we we buckling back into the car when Jack asked me...

'Which home are we going to now?'

Now I know we travel a bit, and we have moved around since Jack was born, but this threw me until... 

'Back to our home around the corner at Pittsworth.  What do you mean honey?'

'But you said we were selling our house.'

The penny dropped

'Oh, I see what you mean.  No darling, it takes months to sell a home, it's not like going to the grocery store.'

'Oh ok then, that's good because all my clothes are still there.'

When we left our home, Jack thought that was it.  It was sold along with everything in it.  There was no tantrums about leaving his toys, clothes and his new scooter.  He didn't even blink. He just trusted me enough to get into the car and go and have coffee.  Where our family is, is his home.  That is faith perfected. That is the kind of trust I want to have with my Father in Heaven.

I make things much too complicated.  I question God.  I want to know how things will work out.  Can I at least have a time frame? 

When we placed our house on the market last year , I was convinced that it would sell lightening fast.  I was wrong, God had other plans.  I wanted everything to happen quickly.  He asked me to wait.  And so now I wait and spend time having coffee with God.  Enjoying his company, keeping my eyes fixed on his face.  Where He is, is my home.  I don't want to live anywhere else.

NEWS: I would ask you to pray with us.  We have signed a contract on our home subject to sale of another property, and there is also someone waiting for that contract to end (in 21 days) to make an offer on our home.  Can you ask for God's will to be done and for the right buyer to get our home.  We know God is moving us on, so that we can follow His call to serve with MAF.  Your prayer over the next month would be valued beyond measure.  Thank you my friends. :)

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