Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whispers To My Heart - I know you.

I know you.  I made all of the beautiful and complex parts of your body (even the parts you are not fond of).  I wove you like a fine tapestry in your mother's womb, while she carried you.  Each part of you is is beautifully designed, to reflect my glory.  I watched you grow and develop in the warmth and safety of your hiding place.  I knew you before you were born.  Each and every moment of your life (both good and bad) was recorded in my book before you took your first breath.  If only you could understand how much I love and adore you.  You never leave my mind, for I do not sleep.  My eyes continuously gaze upon you with unmatched devotion.  (Spoken to Nicole from Psalm 139:13-18)
This passage of scripture is very dear to my heart because it forms part of God's promise to us for Sam.  Every time I read it, God reveals something new to me.  Today he really impressed  upon my heart how much he loves me.  I could  feel his piercing gaze looking past the exterior, down deep into my heart and while he looked he spoke the above words to me.  Will you allow Jesus to search your heart?

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