Saturday, February 19, 2011

Whispers to My Heart - Rest Upon my Chest

'Whispers to My Heart', is a new addition to my blog.  I love to journal what God is laying on my heart.  Often when I read God's Word, I hear him speaking directly to me, and I want to share some of what Jesus says with you.  I want to do this for two reasons.  Firstly I want you to see how alive and loving Jesus is.  The second is that I want to encourage you to listen for his voice speaking to you as you read your own bible.  Can you hear him speaking to you here?

Come and spend time with me when you are tired and worn, share your problems with me, and you can rest in my arms.  As you rest your head upon my chest, listen to the rhythm of my heart.  Take a lesson from what you hear there, live according to my heartbeat.  Let me teach you my wonderful ways, because I love you with a passion you still don't understand.  My ways are not hard to learn and obey, for they are refreshing, like eternal water for you soul. (Spoken to Nicole from Matthew 12:28)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love this thought Nicole.... of resting my head on God's chest. Very comforting for a tired and weary Mum today.

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