Thursday, February 3, 2011

Help is on the way

Praise God there has been no reports of loss of life yet from cyclone Yasi.  How amazing it is that the cyclone slowed and delayed the huge storm surge they were predicting.  What great mercy God has shown!  I pray God gives each person in those communities today the courage and strength to go through the restoration they now face.

Don left this morning with the fleet of Blackhawks and they are headed to either Rockhampton or Mackay to help with the recovery and restoration.  Keep him in your prayers.  All of the helpers involved in the cleanup up there will need our prayers and support.  I don't know how long he will be gone.  We asked God if he wanted Don to go and he was asked at the last minute last night, so we know he is in the right place.

It was a bit disrupting for the boys as we had to wake them at 4.30am this morning to run Don to work and say goodbye.  They had no warning of him going to leave.  So pray for us too if you can that the next few weeks will be blessed at home.

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