Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Perfect Sacrifice

So here is the second installment of the new work God is inspiring me to create.  I hope it blesses you. As always I value your input.  Please feel free to leave comments. 

The Perfect Sacrifice

Hear My Heart-Pencil sketch by Nicole Watson

I've made a mistake Lord,
I’ve sinned once again,
I lied through my teeth,
And caused so much pain.
I need your redemption,
I’ve fallen so far,
I need your salvation
To heal the scars.

I can understand Peter,
When you washed both his feet,
How he begged you,
To make the whole job complete.
“Wash my feet, my head
And both my hands too!”
I surrender my all,
My life is in you.

You don’t demand offerings,
You’ve made that quite clear,
It’s through your good grace,
That we have no fear.
The blood of our Saviour
Will wash away sin,
To open the door,
So all may come in.

Sacrifice perfect,
Not one blemish spot,
Your beautiful son,
He carried the lot.
Our burdens and sins
He nailed to the cross,
No longer condemned
We are no longer lost.

We’re a brand new creation,
Your Word does proclaim,
Life everlasting
No need for sin’s shame.
Such glory awaits us,
No mind comprehends,
We’re no longer strangers,
God calls us his friends.

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