Monday, February 28, 2011

A New Season

As the last day of Summer comes to a close, our family is also seeing the changes of a new season.

My darling husband celebrated his 31st birthday.

I have been busy doing the last proofing on Sam's Heart, before it heads off to the printers in the next few weeks.  It is absolutely amazing to see our story finally come together as a book.  Very exciting and very humbling all at the same time.  I know God is going to use this book to do mighty things.

This afternoon we received news that the contract on our home is not going to go through.  We hadn't actually signed it yet, which is a good thing.  The other party pulled out, they really wanted our home but couldn't make it happen.  And although I thought I would be disappointed, I actually feel relieved.  Now I know we can finally say that we will be in Pittsworth for the remainder of the year.  I can settle that in my mind and heart and live accordingly.  It means we are not leaving our church family, Jack's schooling will be more settled, I don't have to pack yet, we can settle in to enjoying another winter in Pittsworth.  We had been praying about it constantly and so we know what has happened is God's will. All of this was a result of us asking God for confirmation; if we were to move to Melbourne and serve with MAF. So this is in essence what it was - a confirmation.  We are so at peace with that.   Thank you to those who prayed alongside us.  One day at a time, onwards and upwards.  We are looking forward to what this new season of our lives will bring.

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