Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Holding Onto Hope

Holding Onto Hope-Acrylic on Canvas by Nicole Watson
Hope is the trust in what we can’t see,
God says to believe
And it will come to be.

A mother is watching her child fade away,
God says to believe
He will make a way.

A son is so angry and cannot forgive,
God says to believe
He will free you to live.

A widow is lonely she has lost her best friend
God says to believe,
You will see him again.

A little boy cries his heart is so sore,
God say’s to believe,
It will be restored.

A saint is so tired; she has run the race,
God says welcome home,
I prepared you a place.

Believing is built on the power of His Word,
You can’t always trust,
What you’ve seen and you’ve heard.

Our trust in his promises must be without whim,
God says to believe
All hope is in Him.

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