Friday, February 4, 2011

Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week

February 7-14, 2011 is Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Awareness Week

Please keep in mind all of the precious little lives that are affected by this serious illness.  Say a prayer for them each day this week.  Donate some money to help research.  I'm sure there is a local organisation that supports families in your area.  If you know a family that has been affected by this disease send them a little note or card.   Do something small to show you care.

Sam at 3 days of age-after his first heart surgery, October 2008

Sam at almost 2 and a half, living life to the full, January 2011

These children are brave little warriors, often going through more trauma than any adult I know.  They are special gifts from God, full of His strength, courage and determination.  He has a special purpose for each of them and their families.  Their hearts are uniquely joined with God's as he holds them close through all of life's trials. 

To learn more about congenital heart disease please visit:


appleleaf said...

Wow, how far he's come in 2.5 years. He, and other little heart patients, truly are warriors. Today I sold quite a few pre-orders of "Sam's Heart" at the Adelaide Christian bookseller's trade fair.

Nicole Watson said...

Bless you too Paula! It is amazing to me that God continues to do such amazing things. He will never stop astounding me with his goodness. How was the trade fair? I can't wait to go to the Writers Fair at the end of the year. I will finally get to put some names to faces. How awesome that you told people about Sam's Heart, thank you :)

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