Sunday, February 27, 2011

Whispers To My Heart - My King Will Return

You are my beautiful bride.  Be dressed and prepared by following me at all times.  Don't get tired of waiting and let your lamp burn out while you wait for me to return to you.  I come soon to whisk you away to our wedding celebration.  I am so excited, all of heaven is waiting with anticipation!  Keep your light burning bright into the night, so you will be awake to answer the door when I arrive and knock.  How I long to seat you at the table prepared for us, and share our royal feast.  I may arrive when you are not expecting me. Please be prepared to go at all times.  It would break my heart if you are asleep and you don't hear me.  Keep your dress spotless for me and we will rejoice together forever.  I won't keep you waiting long.  See you soon precious.
(Spoken to Nicole from Luke 12:35-38)

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