Monday, February 7, 2011

The Formation of Faith

The Formation of Faith
 Change and Glow-Oil pastel on paper by Nicole Watson

Help!  I have lost it,
I know it was here.
I was given a portion,
A part to hold dear.

God told me to keep it.
I’ve had a rough ride.
I can’t seem to find,
The faith I’ve let slide.

Oh help me God!
I can’t do this alone.
You told me to ask
And you’d hear from your throne.

“Be still and know,
I am God and I love you,
Though you have wandered,
I forgive and will hold you.

Do not fear my child,
I will not let you fall,
I will bring you through,
Despite of it all.

My mercy’s unending,
My love without cost,
Your faith, although small
Is no longer lost.

Let me refine you,
As purest gold,
Let me renew,
Every part of your soul.

It’s walking through fire,
That burns away dross,
And completes the good work
I began on the cross.

Don’t harden your heart,
Be willing to grow,
Become more like Christ
In you He will glow.

Your faith was not lost,
Precious child of mine,
It was tested and tried,
And was simply refined.”

Faith’s formed and it’s tested,
It does not remain still,
Through faith lives are changed,
And brought into God’s will.

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