Saturday, February 12, 2011

An Interesting Hospital Visit

Thursday afternoon saw Sam very quickly affected by some sort of mystery infection.  He had very high temps and at one point lost all of his colour and went grey, with darker hands and feet.  This told us something was very wrong and that it was affecting his circulation.  So off we scooted to the GP only to have them send us to St Vincents Hospital in Toowoomba for treatment immediately.  They inserted a cannula and started him on IV fluids and antibiotics, after a short examination.  This meant that Sam and I spent the night at the hospital while Don and Jack went home to pack and sleep.  As it happened we were scheduled for Sam's six monthly heart appointment on the Friday and we were staying the night in Brisbane-Don needed to pack. 
On Friday morning Sam looked much better and leaving the cannula in, we headed to Brisbane in the car on day release from the Toowoomba Hospital.  At this point he didn't even look sick anymore, just tired. 
At the hospital his heart review went really well.  The heart function is really good.  The valves are all working well with only minimal regurgitation.  And the PA branches look great, of a good size.  In short this all means that we don't need to see Sam's cardiologist for another six months.  Praise God for that!
After Sam's appointment we checked into our motel and enjoyed a lovely dinner and walk down to South Bank.

We then had to drive back to Toowoomba by 9am this morning for Sam to see his doctor and have some more IV antibiotics before they sent us home.  He is now riding his bike around and doesn't even look sick!

It has been a really strange and unusual turn of events for the following reasons.

Don was still meant to be in Townsville.  If God didn't get him home when he did, it would have been very difficult to organise anything.  I really needed him here.  God knew what was coming and provided.

It is my birthday on Monday.  So we had booked the motel a week earlier to have a break in Brisbane.  As it turned out we still got to have our night away.  The circumstances were not great but we still had a lovely dinner and a great time with the kids, all while still admitted to a hospital 2 hours away!  Satan tried to ruin our fun but God would have none of it and put an end to his nonsense.

We are now home and feel like none of it even happened.  As for the mystery infection-common tonsillitis.  His body took the initial brunt of the infection quite hard but with much prayer, praise in the car and some antibiotics, it was knocked on the head fast.

We are now looking forward to a much less eventful finish to the weekend.

I could not be more proud of my little boy.  When they had to do procedures like inserting the cannula for the IV, he knew it was going to hurt and I explained to him that is was going to help make him better and he just needed to be brave like King David, and he would say "Ok, then", and hold still even though he cried out in pain.  That takes courage, and my God gives it to Sam by the bucketful.

Their weakness was turned to strength.  They became strong in battle... (Hebrews 11:34)


Anonymous said...

'And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.' Ps.9:10. God is faithful to do as he's promised and there's nothing too difficult for Him! Maintain your stand and He'll perfect what He's started.
Okokon Asuquo

Nicole Watson said...

God bless you Okokon. Will you stand with me in agreement for Sam's new heart. It has been promised to him. We wait in great anticipation for it's appearing! We will maintain our stand, the Lord will complete the work which he has started :) Glory to God!
Every time we have a review for Sam's Heart we look for the miraculous.

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