Saturday, January 1, 2011

Flood them with love!

Much has happened over the period of a few short weeks.  With the celebrations of Christmas and the New Year, it is almost like we stepped out of time and wandered freely for a while, absent of the regular routines and chores. 

We have travelled like most over the holidays and have seen many amazing sights.  While in Bundaberg at Christmas we were there to witness the monumental flooding, as the Burnett River gushed through large parts of the city.  I was born in Bundaberg and I have never seen this much water ever.  I looked on in both awe and horror at the magnitude of what was unfolding.  People's entire homes have been lost.  Not just one or two but hundreds.  At a time when many were celebrating the New Year, many homeowners and farmers hung their heads and cried.
God has been speaking to my heart about his church.  This is the time to rise up and shine for Jesus.  We need to show these people love when they need it the most.  It is not the 'community spirit' that needs to be at work in these times as much as the Holy Spirit.  This is a time when many people will look to see faith in action. Are we going to love our neighbours as ourselves or turn a blind eye with the excuses of 'they will have insurance, the government is helping them out, other people are already helping them'?  These people are going to need more than money thrown at them.  They are going to need prayer, someone to talk to, share their burdens with get them through the tough times.  The only one that can help them with this is God.    We can be his hands and feet by rallying beside them and leading them to him and praying with them.  I know I have been convicted.  Have you?

So you see, faith by itself isn't enough.  Unless is produces good deeds, it is dead and useless....You see his faith and his actions worked together.  His actions made his faith complete. (James 2:17-22)

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