Monday, January 31, 2011

About Homeschool

I have had a number of people ask what we do for school during the day so I though I would share a day in the life of a homeschooler for Prep.  Our morning starts at 8am and we spend some time learning about God, we do reading, some writing and then head outdoors for some activities.  Today was painting using big strokes of the brush.

The boys have morning tea and I delve into a coffee.  We then have maths time and some computer work to do.

We have lunch and then we do some science which today included making a body puzzle.  Usually school finishes for us at about 12.30.  However this afternoon we also had the Groves Christain College Picnic at the park.  We had a wondeful time getting to know the teachers and some other families.  Over 128 people came to this barbecue; double the amount that they had last year.  We met some very inspiring adults and children.

I don't think either Jack or Sam stopped the whole time we were there.
I am so far finding Homeschool very rewarding and the boys love it.  It really was a good choice for our family.
Thanks for sharing in our day :)

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