Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's going on now

Don has managed to get through to work today and they are very busy trying to get Blackhawk helicopters up and out to help the flood aid. 

The rain has stopped here and I am trying to dry out part of the carpet that got wet as water streamed down on the inside wall near one of the windows, just from the rain.  Our house if up high enough that it hasn't flooded.  We also have a couple of skirting boards to repair that have swelled with the water on them. 

I have heard that where we used to live a Minden there is great amounts of flooding and people rescued from their rooves in Lowood and Tarampa which are also close by.  My heart is breaking for those who have lost family and friends.  We just feel so blessed that God placed us in this little pocket, where we are safe.  I just hope we can help others now.

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