Monday, January 10, 2011

Pray for Mercy

The nearby town of Toowoomba was hit by tremendous flash flooding this afternoon.  We know people who have been affected by this disaster.  It happened really quickly and caught everyone unaware.  Don is at home and didn't go to work today when their was water across the road.  Praise God he turned around and came back home otherwise he would still be stuck at work now. 

Please pray for a group of three people that are related to friends of ours at church.  Three of their family are missing in floodwaters near Grantham.

Another of our friends works in a butchery in Withcott.  The butchery had over 1/2 meter of water rush through it.  Though they are all safe, the business has been badly affected.

Don has already been advised there is no work tomorrow for him due to road closures etc. However the Balckhawks are desperately needed to help in this flooding disaster which is state wide.  Only time will tell how all of this is going to pan out.  We wait on God for his guidance.

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