Friday, January 14, 2011

God and Grief

If you were anything like me the last week has been one of very mixed emotions.  I seem to have walked around in an often dazed state, seemingly unable to do even the slightest everyday household chore.  I have cried with families as they tell their stories of tragedy and rejoiced with people who have been spared and are alive.  I have gone through feeling both guilty and blessed because we are safe and well while so many others suffer.

Yesterday Jesus showed me that what I was experiencing was in fact grief.  Grief  is a strange and almost unrecognisable emotion.  Grief is not just crying all of the the time but comes with mixed emotions such as guilt, frustration and anger.  Everyone shows grief in a different way.  We are told in the bible that grief is a  process of dealing with suffering but that we are ultimately responsible for how it all ends.  Do I choose to give glory to God even in the midst of out trying circumstances or do I choose to curse him? Either way he is listening.  Before you choose to curse him ask yourself when the last time was that you even talked to him or asked his opinion about anything.  People are very quick to state "If there was a God why does he allow things like this to happen?"  I can't begin to answer that question as I don't have the big picture in my hands.  But I know that God does and I trust and hope that even out of this tragedy new life will come, new beginnings, hew hope, new trust, new faith in him.

If you have lost family, home or possessions in this horrible flood I pray for God to love you, hug you, support you in this time when you need him most.  I grieve with you and look forward to brighter days filled with hope and promise.

Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.(Romans 12:15)

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