Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Update on Pittsworth

There is still no word on the people who are missing :(

The rain has slowed here but only for a time,

Pittsworth has been spared most of the devastating flooding to date, with roads and properties being affected in outlying areas.  Crop losses and damage to properties are still occurring though.

I have just been out to the grocery shop with a few hundred other people and they have said that there is no night filling of shelves tonight.  No stock has come in.  Thankfully I have bought food to last a few weeks in the cupboard in case we lose power.  Hopefully we can also help out others if they need food too as I bought flour and yeast to make bread.

Don is keeping in close contact with work and has been told that Oakey Creek has broken it's banks and parts of the town are now being evacuated.  He is unable to get to work there are a few fellows stuck there who are keeping the fleet of Blackhawks going  so keep them in your prayers.  They have lost their cars and and properties too but still have a job to do to help others. 

Praise God for the Emergency Rescue Teams and their supporters who are here for us in our hour of need.  Uphold them Lord and keep them strong!

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