Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Have a Wonderful Christmas Everyone

This is the song that was in my heart this morning when I awoke. Sing it aloud with me, you know you want to.

Silent Night Holy Night
God’s own son,
Was sent to light,
Up the World to which he came,
Saved us all, He took our shame.

Jesus King of my li…ife!
Jesus King of my life.

Silent Night, Holy Night,
Without hope,
But now I’m bright,
Shining with His warmth and love,
Pouring down from God above.

Jesus King of my li..ife!
Jesus King of my life.

Silent Night, Holy Night,
We love you Lord,
With all our might,
We wait to see you face to face,
Redeemed by love and saved by grace,

Jesus King of my li..ife,
Jesus King of my life.

Christmas always reminds me of God's promises to us.  It is my prayer for you that you would see his hand at work in you own life and praise him for it. 
We share fun times with family, we share and open gifts, we celebrate with festive feasts and we make memories.  When I look back on all that God has done with us in the last year, I cannot help by be in awe of his faithfulness.  He has looked after our health, he is helping me to raise to two wonderful little boys.  He has blessed our marriage with a deeper love and understanding of each other.  I cannot possibly list them all.

Wherever you are this Christmas season I pray and trust that you will find joy and someone to share it with.

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