Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yesterday Sick. Today Healed!

Yesterday we discovered that Jack had been suffering from a hand foot and mouth virus.  The virus makes you feel generally unwell, gives you ulcers in your mouth, and blisters on your hands and feet.  It is most common in children and is highly contagious.  Yesterday lunch time his case was confirmed when two blisters appeared on his hands along with many of other little red dots.  We knew what it was because another little boy we know has it too.  It was only a very mild dose but he had it.  Apparently when the blisters burst they are very contagious also and this process can take several days.

We worried-  About being stuck at home.  About spreading the sickness to Sam, How would this affect his heart?  Would the ulcers affect his eating.

We prayed and waited.  We went to bed.

This morning we awoke to discover Jack was completely healed. 

Not one ulcer in his mouth.

Not one angry looking blister on his hand.

Completely healed!

Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please keep praying for Sam, that God will also deliver him from this illness.  He has little red spots along the side of his mouth.  I believe he is already healed.  Will you believe with me?

And He healed every kind of disease and illness. (Matthew 4:23)

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