Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just Stop Swimming.

For the last two weeks, as we head off to bed, Sam has been praying one thing.

'Desus, pease fix Mummy. Ame....n'

It was only last night that God finally gave me the revelation of what that meant.  Since relocating to Victoria, we have been very busy, tired, and had little time spare.  We have been swimming, and swimming and do not seem to be able to get to surface to catch a breath.  That kind of swimming is tiring!

I have been striving to get things done each day, and while it is good to have goals, I have been seeking fulfillment in the achievement of my goals, instead of seeking the One that fills me. God knows what He has placed before us, He knows what we are going through. He alone knows the times for everything, so once again, I need to let it all go and trust Him.  I need to float along with with river.  It is easier said than done, but is made easier by this:

God uses the lips of my son, to tell me, that he misses me playing with him, that I am not the Mummy he is used to being with, and, he wants God to fix his Mummy and make her whole again.

So, instead of swimming today, I choose to float, and I ask your help to carry me along the river.  Your prayers are what help propel us forward, so here are a few of the mountains that need moving:

  • Don has a doctors appointment today with the Cardiologist, to sort out his CASA medical once and for all, so he can fly solo.
  • For Sam to start gaining weight again,as it has slowed over the move interstate.
  • For all to go well with registering our car in VIC next week.
  • To help me get over needing a routine-it just isn't possible at the moment.
  • I want to write and I need to write, the words are flowing so well, but there is little time.


Paula Vince said...

Sounds like a sensible prayer. We'll join Sam and pray that your 'fixing' will happen steadily. I'm sure anyone would need a similar prayer in your position, with all that's been happening.

Nicole Watson said...

xx Paula. Words of wisdom from a two year old are always refreshing :)

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