Thursday, September 8, 2011


Fellowship -sharing in common, an intimate relationship of internal affinity, and likeness.

When I became a Christian, I inwardly cringed every time someone would use the word fellowship.  It was such a strange and seemingly 'churchy' word, that talked about the warm and fuzzy get togethers that Christians had.  And I was right.......but oh so wrong.

When I first became a Christian, my heart was hardened to all things that seemed religious, including the language.  I felt the language to be exclusive of so many, and I wondered what purpose the words served, if not to divide the church from the outside world.  

As God softened my heart and taught me more about what is means to follow Jesus, much of the critical negativity left.  One by one he has knocked down my defences with love.  The biggest of these hurdles was baptism, the most recent has been fellowship.  

The Greek word for fellowship, Koinonia, is not about religion and exclusion, but rather abundant love and inclusion.   

You see, I discovered it was impossible to have true fellowship, the way God intended unless we are of one accord with Christ.  

As we seek after God's own heart, we are joined together, sharing in common, an intimate relationship, both with God, and each other.  Our purpose and our goals are the same- for Him to be glorified in our lives. 

It is something that I am so grateful for, this wonderful relationship with other believers.  Our relationship goes beyond the weather, the football, sharing recipes and stories.  It digs deeper to the heart issues, the God issues, and the fun stuff too.   

One of our opportunities for fellowship, is this wonderful support group every fortnight.


Dorothy Adamek said...

Beautiful sharing Nicole! I've been blessed by the 'fellowship lunches' in our church on the first Sunday of every month. And not just for the delicious food. It's a time of real bonding. Of continuing the feast of hearts which make us family. Through these times, God has gifted me with the broad shoulders of dear friends who've shared in my burdens and rejoiced in my victories. Fellowship carries us to Jesus, and I am blessed by all it brings :)

Nicole Watson said...

Amen Dorothy. Fellowship certainly is a gift. The true value of which I believe is still to be revealed. :)

Michelle said...

I agree with you, fellowship is wonderful! And I love the benefits that small groups provide.
I do think we need to use the term sparingly around people who are still seeking - because they still have the cringe factor.

Nicole Watson said...

I love it too Michelle. And you are right, fellowship seems awkward until you really get to know Jesus, and understand what it truly means.

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