Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MAF Interview

We had our first MAF interview today.  Two lovely people from the MAF Cairns team, chatted to us about MAF, and then asked us questions.  It was quite informal and fun (secretly). It went for about an hour and half and as we spoke, the words we shared were typed. 
One thing that people quickly learn about Don and I, is that we love to share.  Ooooh boy, do we love to share.  The poor man had a hard type keeping up with me on the keyboard. They asked us about growing up, our journey to date both with God and without.  Our calling to MAF, and about Don's training and mine. I actually had a great time. 
As Don completes his training over the next months,we will complete the MAF application process, which is quite a process in itself.  The next interview in April next year, is a more formal process, and in between then we will complete psycho psyche tests, and medicals etc.

Please talk to God about these things for us:
  • Don is heading off for the week next week to do night flying and is in preparation for that.  Pray that his medical comes through quickly, his mind is focused and for him to be refreshed.  He is very tired.
  • I have a book signing at Koorong Blackburn on Saturday.  Pray God sends people to be encouraged.
  • Mum and Dad B are arriving for the week on Sunday.  Pray for safe travels and great times.
  • For Jack to get better from his cold (that developed yesterday), and for Sam not to get it.


Amanda said...

Sounds like it went well. I was just in Cairns and got back to Perth last night. My parents work there with New Tribes Mission.

Nicole Watson said...

Wow! Cairns to Perth would be quite a flight. Though I am sure the weather was lovely. I have looked up New tribes Missions, they look great. x Nicole

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