Friday, September 23, 2011

A Wild Week

This week has been HUGE.

Both little boys have overcome a nasty gastro virus.  I have overcome the flu.  Don has been away night flying and studying, and my Mum and Dad have been visiting. The beginning of the week was very rocky, but eventually we have made it through and even managed to have some fun in the end.  Here are some photos to tell the story, as I am still catching up, both mentally and physically.  Thank you to all who pray for us.  Your prayers meant the difference between recovery, and a possible hospital stay.  Hope you are all well and blessed :)

 Above: Granny and Sam
Above: Grandad and Jack

Below: Sam, salmon fishing at the Salmon and Trout Farm, at Marysville.
Above: At Marysville

Above: Celebrating Sam's birthday a week early, while we have visitors.


Paula Vince said...

I only knew about Jack, not about you and Sam. It's been a wild week for you indeed. I'm glad you're all better.

Nicole Watson said...

Thanks Paula. Sorry I must have missed this comment. Looking forward to seeing you in the coming weeks :)

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