Friday, September 2, 2011

Just Like Daddy Does

Sam has fallen head over heels in love with aeroplanes and is now following in his Dad's footsteps to become a missions pilot. Every time a plane flies overhead (very often) he shout and says 'Daddy's plane.  Plane, can you see it Mum!'.  He tells everyone we meet down the street that 'Daddy is at work at the airport.' and the photos below show how we have been spending our days at home.
Preparing his tools.

 Making minor adjustments to the tail wheel before take off.
All kitted up and ready to go.  'See you later Mum, gonna go fly my big airplane now, bye, bye, bye!'

It's moments like this that I sit back and marvel at what God does in the heart of his children.  Sam has had so many struggles. We pray, believe, and live for his restoration and healing.  All the while God shows glimpses of what he has in store for Sam.  He has a plan, dreams he is building in his heart.  I can tell you his physical heart may not be perfect in the eyes of many, but he has more soul heart than most.  So much has been revealed to me about the importance of the human struggle here on earth, and what God can accomplish in our lives if we will just trust him.  And I am prepared to look foolish in the eyes of some, to trust in my God, dream big, and trust him entirely for the details. 

People look at Sam and see a little boy with an incomplete heart.

God looks at Sam and sees a little boy with a piece of his own heart.

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