Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wow! Time to update.

We have finally moved into our new home yesterday, after many hiccups and a plethora of prayer.  We are tired, worn, excited, comfortable and relived, to have a more permanent place to rest our heads.  For those of you who don't know, our home was not ready when we arrived, and and we had to find alternate accommodation in both in the interim, and then a new home.  Today is my first day of internet access-how exciting!

Once we get a little more settled into our new abode, I will post some pics, but for now here is a moments of the last few weeks in pictures.  To our distant friends. we miss yo and love you.  To our new friends, we look forward to getting to know you all better and sharing our God stories.

Above: One last hoorah, with our church family, in Pittsworth.  We love you guys!


 Above: Empty nest at Pittsworth.  We left Pittsworth QLD, on the 23rd July.

Above: Time to start our new adventure.  Don has flying on his mind and Jesus in his heart. 

Both above: Many antics ensued from the travel pack that Gran devised for the car.  It's contents kept us all amused in the car and motels.  Thank you Gran! 

Below:  The foggy drive over the Victorian border was breathtaking.  Thick fog and frost created a gorgeous view for our entry to our new home state.

Above:  Our interim accommodation for the last nine nights were spent here at IBPL,  the Institute of Basic Life Principles, which had on campus accommodation for the short term. Thanks for your help IBPL.


Both above: Countless hours have been spent at the Lilydale Lake and Mostrose parks this week.  A great place for me to relax and the boys to let off some steam, while Don was at college and we still had no home.

Above:  This is the only photo I have taken so far of our new home.   I will add more pictures later. The Magnolia was just so beautiful and was a gift from God as it is just coming into bloom as we move in.  A sign of new life, new beginnings and God's perfect timing.

Thank you all for praying for us.  We have been carried along by your prayers. 


Tania @ Out Back said...

Glad to hear you are settling into your new home at last. Sounds and looks like the boys have been having a ball.

I look forward to hearing more about your new life in Victoria.

Nicole Watson said...

Great to hear from you Tania. I look forward to catching up on your happenings also. Bless you xx

Paula Vince said...

That travel pack looked great. How great to have a gran with imagination and she should consider marketing them. That drive from the north down south (although we did it the other way on our holiday) is incredibly long.
The magnolia tree is a fantastically lavish welcome/settling in present from God.

Nicole Watson said...

Ha ha, yes marketing them would be a good idea Paula. Don's Mum is awesome at coming up with all sorts of ideas. She is very ingenious. It is a long drive. I am hoping to head back up for the Brisbane Word Writers Fair, but I will fly I hope. It's so nice to hear from all of you again. :-)

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