Thursday, August 11, 2011

Clear Prop!

Finally, after a week and half of waiting, the sun peeked through the clouds and brought forth a clear afternoon of flying weather.  We left and went to pick up Don, and arrived just in time to see him preparing to take off in his first flight, since we have arrived.  Today saw him do just over an hours flying, with the instructor putting him through the wringer to see what he can do. We were all so excited to see him takeoff.  He did a touch and go on the first landing, and then landed he second time.  Here he is as the boys watched on:

 We all let off a big cheer as he taxied in and then parked the Cessna 172.  Hallelujah!!!  So exciting to see all of this come together after so many years of dreaming and waiting.
The fine weather also meant the boys could play outdoors today.  As I vacuumed and made the inside of the house clean, the boys had a fabulous time in the mud that is in the backyard from all of the rain. 'Look Mum, I'm Bear Grylls.  No midgies will get me now hey!'  I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  In the end I laughed, took photos, and let him go.  Boys will be boys. 
Bear Grylls, from Man vs Wild


Tania @ Out Back said...

Exciting times for your hubby. My brother flies planes, we used to fly with him from our farm to the town every now and then when we were kids. He still loves it!

Aren't those boys of yours just the cutest Bear Grylls look alike's you ever saw! Looks like they had loads of fun.

Hope the weather fines up a bit more for you soon. We are having lovely weather here.

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Oh dear boys will be boys!
Had to laugh at the photos- very cute!

Well done to Don. He must be so excited.

Nicole Watson said...

Yes, once aviation is in the blood, there is no getting away from it. Some call it a disease, we prefer to call it a gift ;)

We could certainly do with some drier weather here. I am going to try that yummy cake you posted today Tania. I love the ingredients. I'm sure it will be a winner. xx

Nicole Watson said...

I'm sure you can identify Narelle, having one of those split second moments of chaos or laughter. It was very funny in the end. Hugs to you xx.

Heart n Soul said...

very cute Bear Grylls you have there :)

Nicole Watson said...

Yes having a minni Bear Grylls around is always handy. When we go out walking he preps me, that is we see a snake or spider "Just stand back Mum, we have to stay safe."

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