Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Month On

Well God has turned on the weather in the last few weeks, and we are delighted!  We have had warm days and cool nights, just like back in Pittsworth.  All of the locals here tell me that this weather is extremely extraordinary, and it is about 7 degrees above average.  Sounds like better than average to me!  Jack began Kindy on Monday, and is LOVING it, and I delight in seeing him so happy and settled. 

Don has been busy dong NAVS in controlled airspace, and flew into Essendon this week, first on SIM and then for real.  He is developing much more confidence in this area, which is great to see, because he is very hard on himself, which is both a blessing and a curse.  He is also studying Air Law, for which he will do the exam next week. CASA is still causing headaches for Don's medical, and have upheld their decision that he must go and get clearance from a cardiologist.  So Don is booked in on Thursday morning to go and do this, to silence them once and for all.  Please pray for breakthrough in this area.
I have been very busy orangising our new home life and looking after the boys (that takes up most of my day).  I have also been selling some of our un-needed goods on eBay, in preparation for our future.   The book promotion schedule has been organised between now and Christmas, so that will be full steam ahead soon.  I have an interview with Signs of the Times Magazine tonight, over the phone.  Then in the next few weeks I have a couple of radio opportunities with local Christian, and regular broadcasters.  I will keep you posted about those, as they can be listened to online.  Praise God that in the first month of sales Sam's Heart sold around 600 copies.  So people must be reading our story, which is awesome to hear! Promotion is great, but it is word of mouth that will get our story heard.  So make sure you keep sharing it with your friends.
Our days are pretty long and packed to the brim, but we are beginning to find our feet here.
Keep your eyes open when checking your inbox this week for the first edition of our newsletter.  If you are not on our mailing list, and would like to be, drop me an email (address in the sidebar), and I will pop you on.
I want to take this moment to tell you how much we appreciate, and love each one of you that love us, pray for us, support us and walk with us.  That's what this journey is about -relationship with Jesus, and for Jesus.  Mission is not just about helping people in a far off  lands, but affects every heart involved in the process.  Yes we are going to be the hands and feet of Jesus, but I can tell you that you travel with us in Spirit every step of the way, and it means more to us than you can imagine.


Heart n Soul said...

How exciting... all the best for the upcoming events ;)

Nicole Watson said...

Hi! Love the new profile pic, very glamorous! And thank you for your kind words :)

Paula Vince said...

Great to hear you're all settling in. The schedule looks and sounds great. It looks like Victoria is the same with Christian bookstores as it is with its football teams, lots crammed into one state.
You go!!

Nicole Watson said...

Haha Paula, Yes I saw the opportunity and jumped at it. Although I think it will take me a while to get used to the football here :)

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