Monday, August 1, 2011

Needing Prayer

So we have moved to Victoria.  We have arrived to find that the house we had lined up is not  ready and we are living in temporary college accommodation until we find a new home.  We are comfortable, warm and a little frazzled, but we are finding our feet and we have more peace in our hearts than we did two days ago.  Our shipping container full of our only belongings, is sitting in the unprepared home's driveway and we are in the midst of inspecting, applying and praying for a home.  We hope to hear back about one of the homes today.  We do not have internet access, or a home phone line, or a postal address for that matter-no fixedabode would be my best way of describing it.  I am typing this from a new found friend's computer so that I can update you on our circumstances and beg you for your prayers. 

Please pray that God would continue to open doors for us to find a home very soon-there are complications with our goods being on another person's property.

Please pray that we all stay well and fighting fit.

Pray for Don as he begins his training today at the Australian Center for Mission Aviation.

Pray for me to keep these two little boys occupied and their hearts and heads as settled as possible.

Pray that Jack will be able to attend school and they will have special consideration for him to start Prep.  He misses out on the date cut off by eight days.

Pray most of all that God will be glorified in all we do in both the good times and the turbulent.  He is placing amazing people in our path each day to help us.

xx Nicole


Meli La Poeta said...

I will pray for you my dear friend...I hope everything gets better. God bless u.

Nina said...

Oh how hard that must be for you all! I pray God will be your strength in trying circumstances. Hang in there. xox

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all. Hoping Don has had a great first day?
Love & hugs, Gay-Lea

Nicole Watson said...

Bless you mighty women for your prayers, they have been answered with a resounding yes and amen! xx

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