Friday, April 8, 2011

Stay in Me

The wind blows wherever it wants.  Just as you can hear the wind but can't tell where it comes from or where it is going, so you can't explain how people are born of the Spirit. (John 3:8)

We had a fabulous time flying Jack's new kite  in the strong Autumn breezes that are blowing.  Sam and I watched as the kite would find the wind and then ride high in the air, darting and weaving every which way, as long as it stayed in the draft.  As soon as the kite moved out of the direction of the wind, down it would plummet, crashing to the ground.  At first Jack was frustrated because he hadn't learned how to keep the kite in the air, but with practice he was soon able to keep it flying high for longer periods of time. 

As I observed all that was happening with joy in my heart, Holy Spirit spoke to me:

This is what it means to live in the will of God.  I am like the wind and I go only where God directs.  If you are to remain in the will of God, you must remain in me and I in you, only then will you rise high on wings like eagles. You will soar and not grow weary because you are filled with the Spirit of the Living God and he does all things through you, by His power.
If you continually step out of God and into the world, you will plummet to the ground just like that kite.  You will become frustrated and tire easily from all of your effort.  You will be toiling in vain, because what you are doing is not in God's plan for your life. 
God's plan is not always tranquil.  At times there will be  great turbulence, ducking and weaving, diving and swooping, just like this kite.  And yet at other times, you will soar majestically, like this kite in full flight. 
There is only one way that you will know that you are in God's will-you will have his perfect peace.  Peace in rest, work, play, turmoil and laughter.  It will surpass all human understanding because it is supernatural and only comes from dwelling in God.
You will mesmerise others with your life if you remain in my will for you, because you catch the eye, you defy gravity by soaring when you should fall, just like this simple kite.
Soar daughter, soar like never before.  Let me fill you and direct your path. 

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