Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Not About Money

Over the months that Sam's Heart has been published I have wrestled with the idea of 'selling' Sam's Heart (the book). 
God has called me to write this story and he has organised the publishing.  He knew what I needed.  I had no funds from which to fund the project-he provided it all in the form of my publisher Even Before Publishing.  Even Before publishing is a division of a small but growing Australian Publisher called Wombat Books.  It's Director, Rochelle Manners has a vision to see that quality Australasian Christian Literature has a voice.  And as such is keeping her eyes, ears and heart open to whoever God may send her way.  She and the company were an answer to my prayer.

I would love to provide the story of Sam's Heart free to everyone.  It shows the awesome power of God who is mighty to save.  Unfortunately I can't do that, it costs money to edit books, print them and promote them.  And so I wrestled with this for many weeks.  However through prayer God has shown me that this is all in his hands.

The book is $16.95 not a grand price by any means.  I have agreed to sell it as the same price as the publisher through our contract which is fair.  The $2.50 I charge for postage does not even cover the postage cost completely but I don't care.  I don't mind wearing some of that cost as long as people are reading the book. 
I guess what I want people to understand is that I haven't written this book to make money.  In fact we have  lost money in doing it.  I have written it so that others may be encouraged by our story and find hope when there seems to be none. 

If you would like to buy a copy of Sam's Heart it is available the following ways:

1. click on the book button and follow the prompts.  This is the quickest way to buy the book.  It is available now.

2. and click on products to find my book.

3. and follow the links.

4. or head instore and buy your copy from the beginning of May.  Books take a little while to get to bookshops once released.  That is why there is a delay.

5.  Christian Bookshops in your local area may stock it and if they don't they are able to order it in.

6.  All good bookshops will order it in for you if you ask, and one day it may be available on shelves if we pray :)


Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful heart, Nicole. Looking forward to buying my copy this Friday at Koorong.

Nicole Watson said...

Bless you Laura. I hope you enjoy the read. And thank you for leaving a comment, it made my day. :D

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