Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Father's Love

There is something truly beautiful about a Father's love for his children.  It is a quiet and deep seated adoration.  A love that shouts 'you are so precious' and 'I  would lay down my life for you'.  I watch this love grow and prosper between our children and my husband and I watch how they show their love.  It is different to how I show love.  It is more rugged, often unspoken, but so tangible and real that it fills the air like the aroma of a Summer barbecue. Love that is offered and affirmed many times over in a day.  Well watered and thriving.  Step by step raising boys to be men, that will hold love as their greatest priority.
I think of my heavenly Father and his unmatched love for us his children.  How his heart broke to be separated from his children and how he knew there was only one way to save them from death and bring them back into his arms.  He knew the cost was more than he could bare, but he knew he would lose them forever if he wavered.  And God doesn't waver, he always keeps his promises.  So as he promised all of those years before- he gave up his son.  He knew he had given him up, from the moment that he was born into flesh.

Imagine how his heart ached with both joy and profound sorrow as he watched his son grow and obey him out of love.  Like a Father teaching his son right and wrong and watching him learn.

Imagine his excitement as he watched Jesus perform miracles and teach his word to the people. Like a proud Dad watching his son's Saturday soccer match.  Go son, go!  I am so proud of you.  I love you son.

Imagine his love and heartbreak as he watched the very children he was trying to save arrest and torture his  son.  The one that was sent to save them.  Like a Father watching his son struggle with illness, or even a rare heart condition.  Holding him close...whispering his love... feeling his pain.

Imagine watching his son die, in the most hideous and hateful way, knowing it was only through his death that he could save all of his other children.  Like a Father that has lost a child in a burning house while saving the others.

Imagine his immeasurable joy in watching his son, restored to new glory. A new creation, the first of many new sons and daughters who would be saved by his sacrifice. Like a Father watching his son go through pain and trials all the days of his life and then meeting him in Heaven, where all things are new-forever.

Oh yes...there is something that is infinitely unique about a Father's love, it is beautiful.  Unbridled and yet perfectly planned, hard and full of vigour yet gentle and unwavering.  To think that Father God has this love for me, makes my heart and soul soar.  How does it make your heart feel?


Cassie said...

This post was very touching. It touched my heart deeply, I too see how beautiful a father's love is. Even if the words aren't always spoken, it's there. It's potent, everytime I see my husband with our children I all buy fly with the love that shines between them. It's amazing.

Nicole Watson said...

Thanks for your message Cassie. I feel very blessed to be a bystander to the relationship between my husband and boys. And I feel even more blessed that God looks upon me with such a fervant heart too.

Paula Vince said...

What a beautiful post, Nicole. Yes, this 'rugged love' is very special and Easter is a perfect time to be reminded of the ultimate Father's love. I hope you and your three men folk have a wonderful, blessed break :)

Nicole Watson said...

Blessings to your gorgeous family at Easter Paula. Yes I am looking forward to some time with my 'men folk', I love that!

xx Nicole

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