Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brave and Courageous

Publishing Sam's Heart has been the most courageous thing I have ever had to do.  It is true that our journey with Sam also requires bravery and endurance, but there is something soul baring, about sharing your heart with the world at large, and hoping and praying that it changes lives.  A big part of my heart is written in that book.  It puts out in the open, my walk with God, imperfect though it is, and asks others to trust him for their own lives. It asks people to close their eyes to the worlds lies and open their hearts to God, whom they may not know.  It encourages people to believe that God is who he says he is, and not doubt.  It shouts that God heals and restores and refines, if only we'll let him.  And it does these things using my family to tell the story.  My family that I love, adore and cherish. 
I risk being heckled and booed for my faith in Jesus, my blind faith that God is over all things.  I risk failing financially from the investment in the book and it's publication. 

but I will tell you this...

I will risk much more by not telling it! 

I will boldly share that God is mighty to save no matter what your circumstance may be.  He is the Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End.  He always has the last word.  He is full of love, and it pours out of my heart daily because I cannot contain all that he gives. He has the power to heal and restore and fix any part of your body, soul or spirit, if only you will ask him.  We live in his grace and by his power daily, and I believe there is no other way to truly live.  I have tried other ways.
So I will trust him with this book, as I have all along, and I will not fear.  He will not shame me, for his name is stamped on every page.
I trust him with my family and their complete health, healing and well being because he loves them even more than I.
And I delight in being called a fool for Jesus because I know who I am and where I am going and it's reward it unmatched. 
He emboldens me to stand firm.  He alone is my courage and my strength.  Of whom then shall I be afraid?

So I leap out in faith and trust him to catch me, because I know he planned this all along.


Paula Vince said...

Absolutely right, Nicole. I'm excited to think of the feedback and testimonies you're going to receive in the weeks and months ahead from readers of "Sam's Heart"

Nicole Watson said...

Thanks for your ever encouraging voice Paula. Bless you and the readers of Sam's Heart.

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

I think you are spot on 'you risk more by not telling it.'

You will touch many lives with your heart - and Sam's :)

Bless you for your continual obedience to the King xox

Nicole Watson said...

Hi Narelle,


I can't help but be obedient to our King because liquid love just keeps on flowing out from him. Even when I am having a bad day (and I have those), I can't stay down for long because he fills my heart to overflowing.
Thank you for sharing our journey with us. I now have another friend and sister who is after God's own heart. :)

Nicole xo

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