Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sam's Heart Book Launch

Usually when a book is released, the author/publisher organise some sort of gathering by which they can officially release the book.  I haven't organised a book launch for Sam's Heart.  I figured it was my first book and I don't have a lot of funds to organise a venue, many guests to invite etc.  I am not exactly a well known author.  

I am excited to tell you that God has provided a book launch for me.

I will receive my copies of Sam's Heart this week, and this coming Saturday our church is having a Family Fun Day which was organised months ago.  God has provided this event as an opportunity for me to share our story and promote the book!  This Saturday at Harvest New Life Church Pittsworth, I will have an opportunity to share with not only our church but also many from the local community, as we host a free Family Fun Day.  There will be rides, food and music as well as me sharing my story of God's amazing work in our lives.  I couldn't have planned this. I have been so blessed!

I saw my lack of credentials, lack of experience and lack of funds.  But I was willing, and I placed it all back in God's hands. 
He saw my faith, his book and a story that needs to be told, and said "Here is my gift to you.  Touch hearts for me.  Share your story.  I have organised it all for you.  Do not be afraid.  I have gone before you.  When I start a good work, I complete it.  I love you."

Excuse me while I cry.  I cry with joy because he is so faithful, so wonderful and holds everything in his hands.  Mine are not tears of sorrow but tears of joy.

Will you celebrate the release of Sam's Heart with me?  Praise God for all he has done and will do.  To God be the glory!

If you would like to come to the Family Fun Day:

Harvest New Life Church-Pittworth
Saturday 9th April, 2011

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